Samsung Galaxy A Series

There’s no secret that the world is becoming a more modern place, and even in some developing, or even poorer countries, many more people are getting access to phones and furthering their access to the internet and other platforms that many people take for granted.

In a quest to do this, Samsung has released a range of new and innovative phones that are cost-effective but allow people all over the world to access the internet and better themselves to be more innovative. Today, we take a look at some of these new devices that Samsung has developed and how they make innovation, accessible to all.

How does a phone bring innovation to everyone?

Many people may think that phones are just tools to use social media on, call people, and text people which are now common tasks. But until recently, phones were a tool to connect with other people around the world. In developing countries in the GCC, phones may be a luxury and not exactly affordable with the way that these phone brands are continuing.

Some phones are now costing upwards of 3,700 UAE dirhams, which has no sign of slowing down. In light of this, companies like Samsung have seen an opportunity to bring global innovation at a fraction of the cost of these major phones that they continue to develop.

When you have a phone, you can be connected to a modern world, even though the country you in won’t be. The majority of phones released in the last 10 years have open access to the internet, or the worldwide web allowing people to communicate, discover and explore new hobbies or trends around the world.

By opening this door to the internet, allows for people to become creative and innovative to bring their life a more fulfilled meaning. If everyone was to have a phone, people in poorer countries or developing countries would be able to learn online, for free, meaning all their educational needs were covered. In later stages of life, a phone would be there for communication with people around the globe, should they need to be.

Phones provide a gateway of communication and constant expansion on the internet, allowing people to be more open-minded about their futures, and how the world will be taking shape with them.

Why is Samsung doing this?

As we mentioned, Samsung is a brand that is developing some of the best phones on the market to date, and because of this is equaling sales with brands such as Apple. Until recently, Apple and Samsung have always been fighting for the best quality phone (singular) and haven’t seen the broader picture. Samsung had recently set out to bring in several ranges of phones, specifically in the low-mid range price bracket allowing users from all around the globe, no

matter the countries situation to have a phone and be able to open their lives to the modern world.

Samsung had realized that packing all the power into a phone was a little unnecessary for some people who couldn’t afford it, so brought out the ‘A’ range of phones which focuses on some less over-the-top features such as:

  • Standard, Metal, or plastic casing rather than glass-backed phones.
  • Average internal components, that will run what it needs to run without being overkill.
  • Average cameras, that will still take amazing pictures, just not as good as the newest best phones
  • Software support is less than you would get on the newer phones.

By doing this, Samsung has reduced the price of their phone by nearly half, or more in some cases to make the phones more affordable for the people who need them most. Below are some of the phones that Samsung has designed for the low-mid range price bracket, that still uphold the move to a more modern world.

(Samsung CEO speaking on User Experience)

The Galaxy A52

Coming in and costing only AED 1,197.00, the Samsung Galaxy A52 is one of the newer phones we’re showcasing here. The Galaxy A52 has everything that some of the newer phones have. The A52 is almost a third of the price for that of the newest Samsung-top-end device, the S21, and has many similar features. Samsung has released this phone to give consumers like ourselves a way to communicate with others, socialize and use the internet for all our needs whilst keeping the cost down.

The A52 would be a great phone to use in many countries, as it’s small enough to fit in your pocket and doesn’t weigh much either. Although the build quality is a little less flashy than you would get on the newer Samsung devices, you are still getting an all-around great quality phone for a third of the price of the newest one.

We think that if you are looking for a cost-effective, low-mid range phone that ticks many boxes such as socializing, learning on the go, watching films or tv on the go, and many other basic phone features, then the Galaxy A52 might be a good choice for you.

The Galaxy A52 5G

Similarly, to the Galaxy A52, the Galaxy A52 5G version is another phone completely, however as you can tell, has the added ability to use 5G as its cellular service. Costing a little bit more at AED 1,520.95, this will allow you to use the greatest speeds on 5G.

These phones are identical to each other, apart from the ability to use 5G. Depending on where you are, 5G may not be crucial to your needs, and you could easily settle for the Galaxy A52 standard model, which will be perfect for everyday tasks, to bring you creativity and innovation for years to come.

The Galaxy A72

The slightly more expensive Galaxy A72 (AED 1,512) is another amazing phone that you can use for your daily tasks, and even more. Samsung believed that a single model of phone for the low-mid range wasn’t quite enough and didn’t give consumers enough to choose from, and because of this made the A72 which has a few more extra features and services to the phone to make it a little bit better.

In a real-world situation, the A72 is a phone that you can take around anywhere with yourself, all whilst keeping your connection to the modern world. Unfortunately, the A72 hasn’t got the capability for 5G yet but is likely to be unneeded. You will be able to socialize with friends from around the world, make calls and texts and watch movies till the end of time with the A72, and by doing so may inspire creativity and innovation for many years to come.


In conclusion, the Galaxy A range is one of the most admirable actions made by Samsung. Instead of focusing on profit, Samsung has developed a range of phones that are more suited for the low-mid range market, without compromising on performance or quality all too much. Samsung is leading the fight to bring everyone around the globe, regardless of where they’re based into a more modern, and digital world.

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